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Dreamer, Thinker, World Builder. Numbers on even days and Words on odd. Founder and CEO of Socratus. Writing on Medium on all matters ≤ 42.
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Day One

Narasimha and Hiranyakasipu

The Middle of the World

Photographer: Alexandra | Source: Unsplash
  1. Joseph Tainter: The Collapse of Complex Societies
  2. Peter Turchin: Historical Dynamics: Why States Rise and Fall


Surveillance Capitalism vs Fossil Fuel Capitalism


  1. Announced a COVID vaccine that’s over 90% effective in trials.
  2. Didn’t accept federal fundingOperation Warp Speed as it’s been called — to develop the vaccine.
  3. Announced the results of its successful trial a couple of days after the election so that Trump couldn’t claim credit.

So far in this series

  1. From Trump to Biden: A Daily Post Until Jan 20th
  2. From Trump to Biden II: Will he leave?
  3. From Trump to Biden III: Political Contagion

Troll in Chief

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